Production of electronic music
- In collaboration with Stijn van Beek

Breek consists of two modern-day nomads, Salvador Breed and Stijn van Beek, who met on a Dutch industrial site one rainy night. The sounds, melodies and grooves they encounter on their many wanderings reverberate throughout their music.


"An incredibly evocative take on both the landscape and the “binnengevoel” that life in NL engenders - Incendiary Magazine 

"A beautiful intro into my day. Viva electronica." - The Ransom Note

"Gewoon luisteren, punt." - Eclectro

"Clever construction, bright beats and a lack of pretention: excellent." - A new band a day

"Inuit shows Breek focusing most of its attention on melodic low end and the minute details of its clicking percussion, with a healthy serving of gurgling synths mixed in for added texture.’’ - XLR8R